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Hiring An IRS Audit Defense Attorney To Help Your Case

When it comes to IRS audit defense, one of the major issues is going to be the ability of an individual or business to afford the services of a professional tax defense attorney. There are a wide range of solutions that can be found for this issue and there are even more solutions that are available. As such, it is important to understand all of the options that are available in order to make an educated and well thought out decision. Here are some of the different options and the various tax services that can be offered to resolve this situation:


Hiring a Tax Attorney РWhen the audit is being handled by the internal revenue service, a professional tax attorney will be used on the case. These tax attorneys will then represent the individual in many of the processes that will need to be taken care of throughout the audit process. In addition to this, they will be responsible for providing their client with representation when a hearing is conducted by the internal revenue service. This is often the most affordable way for a taxpayer to handle the process and will generally result in a quicker process. If you are looking for skilled tax lawyer, check out Defense Tax Partners website at for guidance and Free Consultation!


Hiring a Professional Tax Solicitor – While the IRS audit is being handled, a professional tax solicitor will be used on the client’s behalf in order to deal with the issues that relate to their taxes. This may involve working with a tax lawyer, a certified public accountant or a qualified bookkeeper in order to get a handle on the numbers and ensure that the numbers match up. The IRS is going to have its own set of requirements when it comes to taxes and these requirements are not always going to be easy for a nonprofessional to understand.


Counseling Agencies – If the tax defense lawyer that has been hired is unable to deal with the audit in a satisfactory manner, the services of a tax defense advisor can be utilized. These advisors will be able to advise a person on professional tax advice that relates to the audit in question. Some of these professionals may even be able to represent the individual in court if it is necessary. There are also some legal tax experts who work exclusively with clients who are involved in an audit situation. In these cases, the tax professionals are going to be on hand to provide any kind of legal guidance that relates to the audit.


A tax professional will also be able to represent the client in meetings that relate to the audit. These cases will generally happen where the client has not received a notice from the IRS of an impending audit. When this happens, the professional will be able to negotiate with the IRS in order to ensure that the client’s taxes have been paid in full. The professional may even negotiate an amount that is smaller than what the client is required to pay in order to make sure that the audit process is completed as quickly and completely as possible. This can be done regardless of whether the client owes income taxes or simply wants to pay the IRS a few extra dollars.


Even if the client owes no taxes or just wants to negotiate some additional money for taxes that have already been paid, an IRS audit attorney can still be useful. If the professional is experienced, they may even be able to represent the person before the audit is conducted. This is not recommended, however, as most attorneys do not handle cases involving criminal behavior. Some of them may represent individuals that owe delinquent taxes on their own accord, while others represent businesses or financial entities. It all depends on what the firm represents, which is why it is important to do your research before hiring any attorney services for your audit situation. Get a list of several tax attorneys in your area and do a comprehensive search online to find out which of them specialize in representing individuals and businesses.